“It’s funny how the first chords that you come to
are the minor notes that come to serenade you
and it’s hard to accept yourself as someone you don’t desire
as someone you don’t want to be.” — Laura Marling

Who is this blog for?

Honestly, I’m primarily writing for myself. This blog is my place to reflect on what I’ve done, where I’m heading, how I’m progressing. It’s also a place to be myself. To post things that I can’t share with Facebook friends. Things that would out me to those who don’t know, or views that might be […]

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Hello, Cruel World!

Phase One: Set up WordPress. Phase Two: ???? Phase Three: Profit! Well, I’m not looking to profit (except in the well-being sense), and I do have some idea of what Phase Two should look like. The idea for this blog has been on my mind for a while, and now it’s finally time to get started. […]

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