Christmas approaches

We alternate Christmases. I have the kids one Christmas, and their mum has them the next.

I just realised, with mild alarm, that it would be my turn to organise gifts from Santa this year, as the kids will be with me. I have enough trouble thinking what to get them from me, let alone what Santa’s going to leave in their stockings. (Sure, they know where the presents come from now, but that’s no reason to break with tradition!)

But, of course, it was false alarm. Yes, they’ll spend Christmas Day with me, but they won’t wake up here. I’m still on supervised visits, which in effect translates to “no sleepovers”. So, instead of having them every weekend, from Friday to Sunday, I see them just for the one day. It’s not too bad, but there are times when I long for some more time with them.

Child Protection could see that the kids are not at risk, and so were able to close off their file. But they still left things hanging, making a parting recommendation that visits be supervised. There was nothing in writing, but I don’t want to stir up trouble down the track by ignoring the recommendation.

So, that’s where things are at. The file is closed, so the recommendation is not scheduled for review. And I guess I could request a review, but without some sense for how that might play out, I’m not sure I have the courage to do so. :-(

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