My story: dealing with bail

One of the bits of paperwork I got after the arrest was to outline bail conditions. Whilst annoying at times, especially on nights where I wasn’t staying at home and therefore had further to travel to reach the designated Police station, I’d say dealing with bail was one of the easier parts of this whole experience.

In my case, all that was required was a weekly check-in. Every Wednesday for several months, as the court case ended up being pushed back a few times, for various reasons. Turn up. Sign a sheet of paper. Sometimes there was a bit of a wait, but generally it was pretty quick. I recall the nervousness I felt during the first several visits, but it got easier. And the officers were generally pretty easy to deal with. Friendly, even, especially the younger ones. “Thanks, have a good one,” I heard on a couple of occasions. There were some who were older and more jaded, no doubt with good reason. I can’t imagine it’s an easy job, and the experiences dealing with crime all the time would soon affect your perceptions of people. A couple of snarky comments, but nothing too bad.

Tip for any readers facing bail reports: keep it simple and respectful. Police are trained to act professionally, and they will, so long as you don’t give them a hard time. If you treat it as a simple routine task that you’re happy to do, you won’t stand out, and you’ll get through it easily.

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