Mandatory reporting laws

In my post about finding a psychologist, I spoke about mandatory reporting obligations and how they really only apply when there is a direct risk to one or more specific individuals. Sounds like that’s just the local context.

I’ve been hearing a bit about mandatory reporting in the US, and it seems laws there carry an even greater disincentive to seek help. From what I hear, mandatory reporting could apply even if there’s no specific risk, but you do have children of your own or contact with other children. And this could apply not just to offenders, but to those who simply want to avoid offending in the first place.

As a parent, I’d love to think that non-offending paedophiles and hebephiles could be encouraged to seek help if they’re struggling with their attraction to children, before acting on those desires. But that’s not the society we live in, sadly.

Still, the main piece of advice in that earlier post still applies regardless of where you are: you can ask. Before you go into any detail, you can ask about reporting obligations. It might feel like you’re admitting you have something to hide that might trigger a mandatory report, but the psychologist will have nothing to report if you don’t tell them anything. Find out what their reporting requirements are first, and then you’ll know how much you can say.

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