Transgender woman dies in male prison

A women given a prison sentence was placed in a male prison. Now she’s dead. This is just not good enough.

Whilst I believe that sentencing should be primarily about community safety, rather than punishment for the sake of punishment, I understand that a prison term is an important sentencing tool to have available for some situations. But that doesn’t mean we lock people up and throw away their human rights.

Transgender women already face a disproportionate amount of violence and discrimination in general society. It should be obvious that placing a woman in a male prison is asking for trouble. And yet, it continues to happen.

RIP, Vicky Thompson.

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  1. Hello there, i enjoyed your post about Vicky Thompson, the only problem is transgender people choose their gender identity, so this is how a man could be called a women or vice versa. Im not sure where you got your information from, but im guessing that Vickey wanted to be Vick and was treated as such.

    transgender want equality in the eyes of others as the sex they choose to be seen as.

    my problem is that you seem to have used this story to push a feminist agenda which i see as female sexism

    would you like to discuss?

    i am currently trying to start a blog to talk about the sex offender experience and would like to hear from you and topics that you have written, but mostly to discuss this topic in which i am commenting,

    good day

    • i enjoyed your post about Vicky Thompson

      Doesn’t really sound like you enjoyed it. It sounds more like you were looking for an opportunity to shoot down feminism and rail against transgender rights. I don’t think you’d even read anything about Vicky Thompson, as you wrote “im guessing that Vickey wanted to be Vick and was treated as such”. Um, no… She wanted to be treated as the woman she lived as. Instead, she was placed in a men’s prison, simply because she was born with a penis.

      transgender want equality in the eyes of others as the sex they choose to be seen as.

      And rightfully so. And maybe you don’t have a problem with that. Maybe you only have a problem with the fact that I added the tag “feminism” to my post. Am I viewing this story from a feminist perspective? Hell, yes!

      Sorry to hear you think of feminism as a form of sexism. Personally, I need feminism. I need it because I have a daughter, and I think she deserves to live a safe and fulfilling life, yet women experience much more sexism, domestic violence and inequality than men do. I need feminism because I have a son, and I think he deserves to experience fulfilling, respectful relationships with women (if he’s straight or bi), yet women may feel unsure or unsafe around him, simply because he’s male and they’ve experienced sexism, objectification or violence from men in the past.

      Some men do indeed experience sexism and abuse, and some of that is perpetrated by woman. I am against all such behaviour. But the sad reality is that women experience more discrimination than men do, and men commit more abuse than women do. I would love to see the day that feminism is no longer required. Right now, though, the road to equality still has a long way to go.

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