The Fine Print

A few notes for you to keep in mind:

  • Comments are welcome. Respect is required.
    • My personal goal is to not re-offend, and to live a better life. The broader goal is to work towards a society in which there is less sexual abuse, and offenders are not only held to account, but also encouraged to live a stable life. If you can’t accept the premise (either because you’re an offender with a sense of entitlement, or a concerned citizen who believes the only solution is to lock everyone up forever), then don’t comment.
  • Comments are public.
    • Obviously, comments are public. So, don’t post anything you don’t want others to read. In particular, don’t post about illegal activity unless it has already been dealt with under the law.
    • I don’t currently have email set up at this domain, so it’s comments only for now. And honestly, I’m not interested in communicating privately. Let’s keep everything above-board and out in the open.